Our Materials


We don't need to tell you the environment is in crisis. This, you already know.

But what's new is that at sunthus, we're focusing on changing what we are using to make a big difference in cutting climate pollution,

which is one of the simplest things we can do to help save our planet.

Materials Matter


The quantity of textile production isn’t the only problem.What things that we are using are made out of matters, too.

Unfortunately, the use of unsustainable fabrics is on the rise. But at sunthus,

all of our material are made of Organic Cotton Fabric, Low-carbon Fabric and Eco-Friendly Crafting.

Protecting our planet and enjoying high-quality lift are both achievable at sunthus.

Go Organic
As customers, the choice is yours, but what if you don’t have any options.
That’s why we are here.
Because it’s not just about consumer choices;
the industry needs to do better, too.
Buying products made with organic cotton is part of the solution.
At sunthus, you deserve it all.
Let’s try to make a radical shift in what we are using, or we’ll keep on stripping the planet bare.